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Winter Camping Vacation Tips

Winter Camping Vacation Tips

So who wants to go winter camping? For many people the idea of winter camping is not something they would even want to contend with. There are things that will make you love winter camping more and actually make you want to give it a try.  The following five tips are a combination of ways to enjoy your winter camping trips.

  1. A Perfect Getaway

f851010e818df2bebf20fb1e55657837Winter camping allows you to get away from everything.  You get to be in nature with no noise or congestion.  You actually are all by yourself and you can do as you wish and really take in the beauty around you.  With camping in the winter you are not facing the crowds that you do in the summer time.  You get the best picks of camping spots and you do not have to deal with anyone bothering you.  It is a very peaceful atmosphere.  Winter camping is the perfect get away when you just want a serene atmosphere where you can relax.

  1. Scenery from a Different View

Scenery in the winter is so different than it is in the other seasons.  During the winter snowfall lays a blanket of beauty on nature that causes everything to seem rather dreamy.  You will get a whole new appreciation for a camping area even if you have been there many times in the past.  In winter it is just so much different that you will find it seems like a completely different place.  Snow can make things look dramatic and you will want to hours just taking in all the scenery. No matter where you visit, Lake Superior, Minneapolis or even the Apostle Islands, will look very different under a blanket of snow.  It is an experience that will be much different than you ever have had.

  1. Sleep Great

shutterstock-camping-night-sky-starsTo help make winter camping much more enjoyable a top tip for winter campers is to watch your sleep.  It is important to get to bed earlier than you usually would and to get enough sleep.  Sleep fuels your body and will help you during the day.  The cold weather can take a toll on your body causing it to use more energy just to keep you warm so when you get more sleep it helps to recharge your body and give it that extra energy it needs to keep you healthy and functioning. Additionally, you will want to go bed early because as the sun sets the cold really sets in and it can be difficult to fall to asleep in such conditions.  When you go to bed earlier you will find you are asleep before the temperature drops too much.

  1. Pack the Right Camping Equipment

Winter camping provides you with different challenges and different needs.  You cannot simply pack what you would in the summer and think you will get along just right.  You need to be aware of the things you will need when winter camping because the right equipment will really make your experience so much more enjoyable. The main piece of equipment you need is a winter sleeping bag.  It is not enough to just have any type of sleeping bag.  You must have a sleeping bag that is made specifically for winter weather.  It is the only type of sleeping bag that will keep you warm enough.  Other camping equipment you should pack includes extra clothing and water proof boots.

  1. It is an Extreme Challenge

1297798073364_ORIGINALPerhaps the one thing that turns campers into winter campers is their love of adventure.  Winter camping is much more an adventure trek than camping in any other season.  The challenges of winter camping pay off because they let you camp in a way you have never before.  Winter camping is an extreme adventure vacation and you will never forget it.  You cannot experience anything like winter camping in any other way than to just do it.

If the challenge of winter camping is not enough to make you love it then maybe winter camping truly is not for you. However, if you like adventure and trying new things then you really must give winter camping a try.

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