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Your Family Camping Tent and A Few Considerations

Your Family Camping Tent and A Few Considerations

The great family pastime of camping in a family camping tent is made more enjoyable just because you’re altogether as a family. If you do not own an RV or other type of cargo vehicle, you will undoubtedly use a tent which will need to be large enough for everyone to fit comfortably. The most common style of family camping tent is dome shaped. These can easily fit three or four people. However, if you have more people along for the vacation a square or house style of tent will be necessary. Taking into consideration the optimal number of people you will need to sleep in a family camping tent is one of the most important issues when choosing your camping equipment.

The Aim Is To Keep Warm and Dry

family-camping-in-a-tentDuring a family camping trip, making sure everyone is dry and warm is essential. Staying dry and warm is vital to staying comfortable during your camping experience. Even if you are expecting the very best weather, free of rain and the like, some early mornings can feel downright cold. Your family camping tent must be able to hold up to all levels of rain and wind exposure, as well as morning dew. Make sure you invest in a nylon tent which is easy enough to carry. There have been many advances in coating materials for tents which practically make the tents waterproof and still let in fresh air for breathing. As you know, having a waterproof tent is a must have – especially if you are going on a camping with your kids.

When you consider waterproofing advances and capabilities of family camping tents, do not forget about the tent floor. You should invest in a tent which comes with an earth mat. These are made to absorb the moisture from the earth which could otherwise permeate the tent floor. Make sure your earth mat covers the entire bottom of the tent and then some. Earth mats can also make the ground more level underneath the tent.

Setting Up Your Tent

ddf4c8ab65d99b858e8ad66ae6a8d41dHow quickly and easily you can pitch a tent is also something to take into consideration when choosing a family camping tent. The enormity of the tent can make putting it together seem like a difficult job even if you have help. You need to make sure it is something you can handle especially when you could be out in the wilderness trying to get a tent up while it is dark or starts to rain. The smaller dome tents are pretty self-explanatory, yet the house tents take more effort and can prove difficult. Since most family camping tents tend to be the larger house size, it is in your best interest to begin setting up the tent as soon as you find your camping spot. In this way, you will avoid “the rookie problems” of doing everything else first except setting up a tent.

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