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Why You Must Carry A Tactical Flashlight When Camping

Posted by on Jul 12, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Why You Must Carry A Tactical Flashlight When Camping

Tactical flashlights have a different purpose than the regular typical kitchen cabinet models. Tactical flashlights are made of a different material usually aerospace grade aluminum. These flashlights are designed for high impact stress since they are normally mounted to a weapon such as a shotgun and are usually waterproof to varying degrees. They also have anti-roll grips and textured grips and are usually small enough to fit in a pocket easily. Tactical flashlights are quite popular in police, military or other armed forces agencies. They are also quite helpful in camping.

Reasons why you must carry a tactical flashlight while camping.

Self Defense

Tactical flashlights can be of significant help in self-defense situations. For starters, they are quite bright. If you identify a potential threat while camping all you need to do is flash the light in its eyes and blind it temporarily while you either get away or prepare your defense. In addition, many tactical flashlights have bezel edges that are designed for breaking windows, but this is never a good idea. A better idea is using the flashlight to hit an attacker on the head.

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Identifying Threats

camping in the great outdoorsA tactical flashlight is still light. While camping in the great outdoors with no power in the dark, you can use the flashlight to shine a light on dark or murky areas. You can use the flashlight to investigate any sounds or movements in the shrubs or bushes nearby while camping to help you take the next step. If you find it is nothing you can rest easy and if it is a threat you can handle it accordingly.

The Right Tool For The Job

Your phone might have a flashlight app, but it is still just that – a phone. In case of an emergency, while camping, you still need use of your phone to summon for help if needed. You can clip your tactical flashlight where you can easily reach it when you need it. Since it fits easily into your pocket, you can easily retrieve it when the situation demands it. Some flashlights have varying illumination modes to suit different situations you face while camping. Lastly, while camping, it is good to have indestructible light that works in the most demanding situations.

Outdoor Adventure

While camping far from the beaten path, it is important to have a flashlight that is both reliable and durable. The last thing you would want is for your light to break after accidentally dropping it on a boulder. You also need it to work without fail due to the inherent dangers and possibility of bodily harm if things ever go wrong while camping. You also need a waterproof light while camping so that it remains functional even when you accidentally drop it into your water source or if it rains. All these important features are present in the tactical flashlight.


IlluminationIllumination is the most essential feature of a flashlight. A tactical flashlight provides basic illumination for you to enjoy your time camping. It is good for lighting the campsite so that you can read, enjoy camping games, and cook. In addition, you can use the flashlight when searching for various items or for organizing the camp area. You can also use it to guide your path while doing night time hiking or even when going to relieve yourself while camping.


Tactical flashlights have a ton of uses while camping but the five discussed above are the most important. If you love camping in the great outdoors, consider buying a tactical flashlight to fully enjoy your camping experience.

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