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Your Family Camping Tent and A Few Considerations

Posted by on Jun 3, 2016 in Camping, Outdoor | Comments Off on Your Family Camping Tent and A Few Considerations

The great family pastime of camping in a family camping tent is made more enjoyable just because you’re altogether as a family. If you do not own an RV or other type of cargo vehicle, you will undoubtedly use a tent which will need to be large enough for everyone to fit comfortably. The most common style of family camping tent is dome shaped. These can easily fit three or four people. However, if you have more people along for the vacation a square or house style of tent will be necessary. Taking into consideration the optimal number of people you will need to sleep in a family camping tent is one of the most important issues when choosing your camping equipment.

The Aim Is To Keep Warm and Dry

family-camping-in-a-tentDuring a family camping trip, making sure everyone is dry and warm is essential. Staying dry and warm is vital to staying comfortable during your camping experience. Even if you are expecting the very best weather, free of rain and the like, some early mornings can feel downright cold. Your family camping tent must be able to hold up to all levels of rain and wind exposure, as well as morning dew. Make sure you invest in a nylon tent which is easy enough to carry. There have been many advances in coating materials for tents which practically make the tents waterproof and still let in fresh air for breathing. As you know, having a waterproof tent is a must have – especially if you are going on a camping with your kids.

When you consider waterproofing advances and capabilities of family camping tents, do not forget about the tent floor. You should invest in a tent which comes with an earth mat. These are made to absorb the moisture from the earth which could otherwise permeate the tent floor. Make sure your earth mat covers the entire bottom of the tent and then some. Earth mats can also make the ground more level underneath the tent.

Setting Up Your Tent

ddf4c8ab65d99b858e8ad66ae6a8d41dHow quickly and easily you can pitch a tent is also something to take into consideration when choosing a family camping tent. The enormity of the tent can make putting it together seem like a difficult job even if you have help. You need to make sure it is something you can handle especially when you could be out in the wilderness trying to get a tent up while it is dark or starts to rain. The smaller dome tents are pretty self-explanatory, yet the house tents take more effort and can prove difficult. Since most family camping tents tend to be the larger house size, it is in your best interest to begin setting up the tent as soon as you find your camping spot. In this way, you will avoid “the rookie problems” of doing everything else first except setting up a tent.

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Winter Camping Vacation Tips

Posted by on Jun 3, 2016 in Camping, Outdoor, Vacation | Comments Off on Winter Camping Vacation Tips

So who wants to go winter camping? For many people the idea of winter camping is not something they would even want to contend with. There are things that will make you love winter camping more and actually make you want to give it a try.  The following five tips are a combination of ways to enjoy your winter camping trips.

  1. A Perfect Getaway

f851010e818df2bebf20fb1e55657837Winter camping allows you to get away from everything.  You get to be in nature with no noise or congestion.  You actually are all by yourself and you can do as you wish and really take in the beauty around you.  With camping in the winter you are not facing the crowds that you do in the summer time.  You get the best picks of camping spots and you do not have to deal with anyone bothering you.  It is a very peaceful atmosphere.  Winter camping is the perfect get away when you just want a serene atmosphere where you can relax.

  1. Scenery from a Different View

Scenery in the winter is so different than it is in the other seasons.  During the winter snowfall lays a blanket of beauty on nature that causes everything to seem rather dreamy.  You will get a whole new appreciation for a camping area even if you have been there many times in the past.  In winter it is just so much different that you will find it seems like a completely different place.  Snow can make things look dramatic and you will want to hours just taking in all the scenery. No matter where you visit, Lake Superior, Minneapolis or even the Apostle Islands, will look very different under a blanket of snow.  It is an experience that will be much different than you ever have had.

  1. Sleep Great

shutterstock-camping-night-sky-starsTo help make winter camping much more enjoyable a top tip for winter campers is to watch your sleep.  It is important to get to bed earlier than you usually would and to get enough sleep.  Sleep fuels your body and will help you during the day.  The cold weather can take a toll on your body causing it to use more energy just to keep you warm so when you get more sleep it helps to recharge your body and give it that extra energy it needs to keep you healthy and functioning. Additionally, you will want to go bed early because as the sun sets the cold really sets in and it can be difficult to fall to asleep in such conditions.  When you go to bed earlier you will find you are asleep before the temperature drops too much.

  1. Pack the Right Camping Equipment

Winter camping provides you with different challenges and different needs.  You cannot simply pack what you would in the summer and think you will get along just right.  You need to be aware of the things you will need when winter camping because the right equipment will really make your experience so much more enjoyable. The main piece of equipment you need is a winter sleeping bag.  It is not enough to just have any type of sleeping bag.  You must have a sleeping bag that is made specifically for winter weather.  It is the only type of sleeping bag that will keep you warm enough.  Other camping equipment you should pack includes extra clothing and water proof boots.

  1. It is an Extreme Challenge

1297798073364_ORIGINALPerhaps the one thing that turns campers into winter campers is their love of adventure.  Winter camping is much more an adventure trek than camping in any other season.  The challenges of winter camping pay off because they let you camp in a way you have never before.  Winter camping is an extreme adventure vacation and you will never forget it.  You cannot experience anything like winter camping in any other way than to just do it.

If the challenge of winter camping is not enough to make you love it then maybe winter camping truly is not for you. However, if you like adventure and trying new things then you really must give winter camping a try.

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Winter Camping Tips For Protection From The Elements

Posted by on Jun 3, 2016 in Camping, Outdoor | Comments Off on Winter Camping Tips For Protection From The Elements

When most people think about winter camping, their first thought is how cold it would. For others, their passion for being outdoors far outweighs any inconvenience or discomfort sometimes associated with winter camping. They all agree, however in order to enjoy being outdoors in the wintertime, you have to be prepared for the cold. Also, you have to be prepared for possibly unpleasant and unpredictable situations so keep that in mind before you set for a winter camping trip.

featured_0104winter-camping-16headerBHaving the right winter camping equipment can mean the difference between having a great time and a miserable time, as well as possibly being the difference between life and death. Many things can happen in the outdoors during the winter and being ready for any circumstance will make your winter camping experience more pleasurable. The right sleeping bag and knowing how to keep it warm and dry are necessary as well as making sure your tent stays vented to minimize ice from forming inside due to moisture buildup.

1899976_225298234329741_1281539204_nYour clothing for winter camping should be in layers which can be used to maintain your body temperature. One layer should be comfortable against your skin while the second layer can serve as an insulating layer. The outer layer needs to be waterproof and possibly windproof to protect you in case of a heavy storm. Do not use cotton materials when winter camping as it loses insulating qualities when wet and takes a long time to dry. Wool or synthetic materials are friendlier to camping in the winter.

Protection from unexpected elements is crucial

Even with a good weather forecast, Mother Nature can sometimes turn a beautiful day into a nightmare with unexpected storms or winds. Being prepared for such likelihood can help you survive your winter camping trip. If you are using a tent, set it up in an area protected from the prevailing winds to avoid the disaster of having a sudden heavy gust tear it away with all your belongings with it.

winter-camping-278Remember that everything happens slower when winter camping except your water becoming frozen. It is important to stay hydrated in the winter, as the drier air will suck the moisture out of your body quicker. Do not plan on eating snow for hydration as all that does is drop your body temperature. If you count on the snow for a water source, make sure you have a means of melting it before it is consumed.

Carbohydrates are essential

For your food supply, a diet high in carbohydrates will provide the needed energy for being outdoors in the winter. Any meals you plan should be simple and yet appetizing and preferably able to be cooked in a single pot. You can always have some snacks within the reach of your hand, but note that snacks are not sufficient source of energy. Still, it is good to have the snacks just to “bridge” the hunger until you prepare a proper meal.

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Six Safety Guidelines During Camping

Posted by on Jun 3, 2016 in Camping, Outdoor | Comments Off on Six Safety Guidelines During Camping

Camping is fun. There is no doubt about that. But as harmless as camping may seem compared to extreme sports and activities like bungee jumping or rock climbing, you still need to always be cautious about your safety during a camping trip.



Below are some safety guidelines to ensure that you have an enjoyable and safe camping experience.

    1. Buy durable and high quality camping gears that you can rely on even during trying times. Don’t opt for cheap camping equipment just to save a couple of cents because you’ll be in bigger trouble if your poor quality tent falls apart in the middle of a sudden storm. For example, Coleman can guarantee you of sturdy camping gears that will make you feel that you’re always in safe
    2. Don’t leave food unattended in the camping site for this may attract bears. If only bears are like Yogi Bear who just steals picnic baskets and makes funny wisecracks afterwards, then you don’t have any problem. But it’s different in real life. Close encounters with bears and other wild forest creatures is one thing you want to avoid during camping trips. Be sure to put away any leftover food or food container before you go back to your tent or before you go to sleep.accommodation-camping-langdale
    3. Don’t eat inside the tent. This is a precaution to avoid the small but terrible insects like ants that will follow trails of crumbs inside your tent and will possibly feast on your skin on too. So if you don’t want to be woken up in the middle of the night or to wake up the next day with red stinging ant bites on your body, say no to a late evening snack inside the tent.
    4. Speaking of insects, another kind you should protect yourself from are mosquitoes which are common residents in forest areas. These dreadful insects being as tiny as they are can cause different kinds of diseases like malaria and dengue. Be sure to pack sufficient insect repellent and to bring a tent with mesh screens to protect yourself from mosquito bites.
    5. Never use or even attempt to light up candles or gas lanterns inside your tent. This is extremely dangerous and may start a fire. Opt for safe catalytic heaters like the Coleman SportCat ™ Perfectemp™ Catalytic Heater with InstaStart™ Technology designed for indoor use or to be used in enclosed areas such as a tent. It is a good idea to place this heater in an elevated area like on top of a cooler so that it does not come in contact with the tent’s floor and minimizes the risk of you rolling over on it as you sleep. Keep it at least two feet away from anything that can be harmed by heat.
    6. Pick a safe and well known campsite. Don’t go for deserted areas that are very far from civilization. There are many camping parks that have guards to keep you safe even at night. But if you’re the adventurous type who loves to go camping in the middle of the forest, it is wise to choose spots that are recommended by fellow campers or have been tried by friends and family.

Remember, to always opt for the safe side. As they say, it’s always better safe than sorry.

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Planning A Camping Trip When It’s Raining

Posted by on Jun 3, 2016 in Camping, Outdoor | Comments Off on Planning A Camping Trip When It’s Raining

Did you think all camping enthusiasts sat at home and bemoaned their fate during the rainy season? Nothing could be further than the truth! Hard-core campers don’t let a little or even a lot of rain dampen their adventurous spirit. Much like Gene Kelly who picked up his umbrella and went ‘Singing and Dancing in the Rain’, true campers pick up their tents and happily go ‘Camping in the Rain’. And if they are lucky, rain may just let up long enough to let them indulge in some singing and dancing around the campfire at night.

While camping in the rain is certainly no picnic, with having to endure slushy puddles and wet socks; it can be fun if you carry along the right attitude. Think of every puddle you step into as an amusing story to regale others with at future campfires. Soaking wet, ‘putting-up-the-tent-in-pouring-rain’ stories sure beat ‘putting-up-the-tent-under-the-moonlight’ stories any day. Choosing the right tent and the right gear can help make your rainy camping trip a tad drier, at least while you sleep at night.

Choosing the Right Tent

TarppitchChoosing a good quality, rain-proof tent is most important. You may be able to endure anything a rainy camping trip throws up at you while you are awake, but there’s nothing faintly amusing or interesting about a tent that sprouts a leak when you are tired and fast asleep. Read the label carefully and ensure the coating of the tent is waterproof; not water-resistant. Tents with ‘bathtub floors’ are especially designed for camping in the rain. The entrance way forms a lip and is not as flat as the rest of the floor. These tents also have a full fly sheet, which has a sufficient overhang so as to prevent the mud from getting splashed upward. When camping in the rains, chances you are will be spending a lot of time indoors. Buying a large-sized tent will help you and your camping buddies stay sane longer.

Packing the Right Gear

GVO-CS-EcoRainGear-EchoRain-3bAlways carry one or even two spare set of clothes, a towel and a change of shoes. Wrap them all up in waterproof bags so that they stay dry no matter what. Other handy necessities are the same as for any camping trip in dry weather and would include a first-aid kit, torch and most important of all, a lighter. Soggy matches do not a bonfire make. A pair of rubber slip-ons would come in really handy if you need to make short trips to check on something outside the tent. They are easy to slip-on and slip-off at the front door. Though an umbrella may sound like a strange choice for a camping trip, it is invaluable for keeping things dry when moving them from the car to the tent.

campfire-tarp-cConsider carrying along a tarp to lay on the ground under the tent. This helps protect the floor of the tent from tearing and letting water get inside. Make sure the tarp is smaller than the tent’s floor and is completely under it. A larger tarp will collect the rain water that runs off your tent and cause it to collect between the tarp and the tent floor.

A pack of cards and a couple of board games are all you need to round off your camping trip in rainy weather and to have a great time.

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6 Secrets To A Comfortable Night’s Sleep During A Cold Camping Trip

Posted by on Jun 3, 2016 in Camping, Outdoor | Comments Off on 6 Secrets To A Comfortable Night’s Sleep During A Cold Camping Trip

There are those who prefer to camp during summer when they can bask on the warmth of the sun, get a tan and take refreshing dips in the nearby lake. On the other hand, there are those who are into the adventure and cool breeze that winter brings and opt to go camping during cold weather. While both are fun and exciting, the downside to the latter option is the difficulty of getting a good night’s sleep. Before, camping trips done in the middle of cold or in winter used to mean uncomfortable and chilly sleepless nights. But not anymore. Fortunately, there are ways you can do to ensure that you get yourself a comfortable and warm sleep that will rejuvenate and recharge you for the next day’s activities.

o7rbrh2hkcxc9ci9fwvlThe first secret in acquiring a good night sleep is to invest on a comfortable sleeping bag that is made of fabrics designed to provide warmth and insulation. Coleman’s line of sleeping bags for example features the ComfortSmart™ technology, which provides thermal efficiency.

The second secret is to wear thick layers of clothing. If it’s too cold and you think you can use even more heat, put on jackets, shirts, and jogging pants that will provide you with the comfort and warmth you need to drift off to a peaceful sleep. It would also help if you have someone to snuggle with since skin to skin contact is often a good source of heat. If not, you can always have a snuggly pillow to hug on to.camping-fire

The third secret is to purchase a reliable and safe indoor heater that you can use inside your tent. A catalytic heater like the Coleman ProCat™ Portable Catalytic Heater can provide you with flameless warmth that can make sleeping in the coldest type of weather cozy and relaxing. Just be sure you follow the safety guidelines of using this heater like providing sufficient ventilation and keeping the heater at least two feet away from anything.

The fourth secret is to bring along a tent that is made of durable fabric and tent poles that are strong enough to provide protection against rain, wind and snow. There is nothing worse than a tent toppled over or blown away, leaving you exposed and vulnerable to the cold.

The fifth secret to lull yourself to dreamland is to play classic lullabies or serene songs in your mp3 player or Discman or to read some books. Soft melodies and tunes are useful in calming you and enabling you to rest your mind while reading can also make you sleepy. That’s why it would be a good idea to pack a couple of CDs or paperback pocket books for your listening and reading pleasure. And surely at once, you’ll be sleeping like a baby.

best-sleeping-bagsThe sixth secret is a drink of hot chocolate or milk before sleeping. This will also likely remind you of your youth and the good old days when mommy or daddy used to bring you a hot drink to make sleeping easier.

With these simple guidelines you can follow, sleeping in cold weather need not be an impossible feat. Just equip yourself with the right camping gears and you’re off to dreamland in no time.

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